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Homepage St Marys High NSW 2760 Australia

St Marys North class of 66

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3B class 1963 names by Evlyn and Gerrit

Mr Fitzpatricks class

backrow: ?,?,?,Stuart Taylor, Violet Sharp?, Evelyn McPake, Veronica Forshaw,?,?,?, Mr Fitzpatrick.

2nd Row: Mark Latto?, Terry Nelson,?, Michael Wiggens, Lauri Briggs is this one or the one to the right?,?, David Smyth, Bruce?, Arnold Hazeltine

1st row: Gail?, Sandra Reynolds, Teresa Livermoore, Isabel?, Audrey?, Gerrit Blankestein, Cheryl Robinson, Sharon Wollace,?,?.

In that year Mrs Penrose was the principal and Mr Bruce the deputy headmaster.

If you know any of the names missing please e-mail me the names and where they are situated e-mail the info to



class 6A 1966 photo courtesy of Robin Ellis (names by Robin,Paul W,Paul F,Robin,Greg & Gerrit)

back row: Eric McFadgin?, Bruce Bell, Gerrit Blankestein, Robert Wright, Stephan Stone, Paul Fitzpatrick, Paul Watts, Glenn Conway.
third row:Sue Divine, Christine Mangan, Wendy Batson, Lillian Roys, Susan McPherson, Hilda Lane, Patricia?, Glenys Hardy, Robin Ellis
2nd row: Tony Wheeler, Stuart Walker, Colleen Mc Farlane, Sharon Pollard, Betty Vaughn, Dianne Scheider, Stephan Beauchamp, Gary Ewart?
front row:Greg Flissinger, Russel Glover, Victor Davies, Gary Williams, Tony Yardley.

missing: Kenneth Conner, Patricia Dunn, Patricia Mickklesson, Susan Willemsen

In that year Mr Hepworth was our Principal


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